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celebrating eight years of making

In honor of National Craft Month, we're excited to announce the re-launch of 15 Heritage Workshops—our most beloved past workshops that have been out of stock for several years.

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Certain workshops from this restock will be retiring at the end of the month (look for the icon) due to an inability to source the materials & tools necessary to re-kit, so order before they are gone for good.

Carved Wooden Spoon Workshop with Melanie Abrantes
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Carved Wooden Spoons Workshop

Melanie Abrantes

Last Restocked: 2020

In this workshop, Melanie Abrantes introduces us to the art of carving. We start with a basswood spoon template and slowly unearth a custom long-handled wooden spoon featuring a beautiful round bowl.

January 2018 | Cozy Knitted Pillows | Alison Abbey

Cozy Knit Pillows Workshop

Alison Abbey

Last Restocked: 2018

We’ll start with an introduction to a basic knit/purl design and then graduate to an intermediate textured ‘diamond’ pillow and finally tackle an advanced cable knit pillow.

Cut Paper Art | Maude White

Cut Paper Art Workshop

Maude White

Last Restocked: 2019

Artist Maude White introduces the intricate, meditative practice of building cut paper art. We'll be focusing on custom templates that range from beginner to advanced paper slicing.

Eastern Geometric Drawing & Painting | Zahra Ammar | Crafter's Box

Eastern Geometric Drawing & Painting Workshop

Zahra Ammar

Last Restocked: 2021

Under Zahra’s expert guidance, we’ll learn how to create and construct two Islamic geometric designs, the power of tessellation and intricate tile work, and the techniques to finish your piece with a layer of watercolor.

Embellishing with Floral Embroidery | Kristen Gula

Floral Embroidery Workshop

Kristen Gula

Last Restocked: 2019

In this workshop, Kristen shares her stitching technique to achieve detailed, layered floral designs and embellishing objects using a unique frame known as a Q Snap, which is ideal for developing consistent stitches and preventing any hoop indentations or fabric burn.

Gold Embellished Brush Pen Lettering | Shinah Chang | The Crafter's Box
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Gold Embellished Brush Pen Lettering Workshop

Shinah Chang

Last Restocked: 2017

This workshop led by Shinah offers the tools, materials and guidance to begin brush lettering or to hone your existing scripting skills. From letters, numbers and gold foil leafing embellishments - the final project is gorgeous custom stationery.

Inked Forest Illustrations | Peggy Dean | Crafter's Box

Inked Forest Illustrations Workshop

Peggy Dean

Last Restocked: 2022

Explore the wonderful medium of ink and all of the unique characteristics ink offers with artist, Peggy Dean. Using the opaque ink, we will apply it over colorful watercolor washes to create beautiful silhouettes, featuring mystical forests from the Pacific Northwest.

Phases of the Moon | Katelyn Morse | The Crafter's Box
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Intuitive Phases of the Moon Workshop

Katelyn Morse

Last Restocked: 2018

In this workshop, Katelyn demonstrates intuition-based painting. We explore painting moon phases in a variety of colorways and styles, blending watercolor and acrylics to achieve the ethereal style that Katelyn is most known for.

February 2016 Emily Reinhardt Marbled Clay Hanging Planters Video Thumbnail
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Marbled Clay Hanging Planter Workshop

Emily Reinhardt

Last Restocked: 2019

In this workshop Emily shares how to properly marble clay and construct two beautiful hanging planters. For this project we have also partnered with talented metalsmith Cynthia Paino to hand make each of the clamps used to hang the planters.

June 2018 | Mark Making & Textile Design | Arounna Khounnoraj
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Mark Making & Textile Design Workshop

Arounna Khounnoraj

Last Restocked: 2020

Let's explore mark making, from artist Arounna of Bookhou, to create custom textile designs. This painting technique is used to achieve organic, sometimes repetitive, sometimes whimsical brush strokes to be replicated on fabric for home goods.

Naturally Dyed Hanging | Rebekka Seale & Lisa Garcia
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Naturally Dyed Fiber Wall Art Workshop

Rebekka Seale and Lisa Garcia

Last Restocked: 2021

 Rebekka walks us through how to properly dye a raw wool yarn skein using roots, nuts, dried flowers and other natural materials and then Lisa will show us how to create a beautiful, structural wall hanging with the finished product.

A Sashiko Workshop with Jessica Marquez | The Crafter's Box

Sashiko Workshop

Jessica Marquez

Last Restocked: 2020

This workshop covers the foundations of sashiko stitching with samplers, pattern making, and a large-scale custom pillow project. Founded in rural Japan, sashiko (or "little stabs"), creates a design of running stitches through swaths of fabric to mend, strengthen, and reinforce garments.

Travel Sketching & Painting | Chelsea Ward
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Travel Sketching & Painting Workshop

Chelsea Ward

Last Restocked: 2018

We are introducing three areas of creative practice: modern illustration using a fine nib pen & graphite pencil, watercolor washes with a favorite travel watercolor set + water brush, and the art of plein air travel capturing while on the go.

A Tunisian Crochet Workshop | Toni Lipsey | The Crafter's Box

Tunisian Crochet Workshop - Navy Colorway

Toni Lipsey

Last Restocked: 2022

Tunisian crochet is a hybrid of knitting and standard crochet, using a long crochet hook joined with a lengthy tube. Dive into this unique technique to create a beautiful two-tone triangle scarf complete with fringe and a lace-like seam.

Woodland Botanical Embroidery | Katie Martin | Crafter's Box

Woodland Botanicals Embroidery Workshop

Katie Martin

Last Restocked: 2021

Katie covers all of the basic stitches and dives into some advanced but approachable techniques including stem stitching, french knots, whipped back stitching, and thread painting. By the end, you’ll have an elegant botanical embroidery full of dimension.

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