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Watercolor & Gouache | Sarah Simon | The Crafter's Box


Eastern geometric Drawing & Painting | Zahra Ammar | The Crafter's Box


Kinetic Brass Mobiles | Sarah Perez | The Crafter's Box


Tiled Block Print with Gradation | Gold on Black Scarf | Mindy Schumacher | The Crafter's Box


Rolled Beeswax Candles | Liz Wagner | The Crafter's Box


Fabric Weaving | Mister Domestic | The Crafter's Box


The Crafter’s Box creates one-of-kind team-building experiences that help your team tap into new skills, use their imagination, and problem solve. Select from our extensive library of craft workshops including painting, drawing, weaving, wood carving, and more. 

Our craft kits feature the highest-quality tools and materials curated by experts and sourced from artisans around the world. Select your workshop and we’ll ship the kits directly to you so your team can enjoy an in-person or virtual group-making experience.

How It Works

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Step 1
Choose from our most popular craft workshops 

We have the perfect craft for every team. Browse our selection, or talk to our team of experts.

Teambuilding | The Crafter's Box

Step 2
Plan your team building event

Fill out the form below and with our expert help, complete your order and start engaging your team like never before.

Circular Weaving with Wool Roving | Jacqueline Do | The Crafter's Box

Step 3
Create together and see the impact

We’ll ship your kits and provide video access. Measure the impact as you see your team collaborate and thrive.

Benefits of Quality Team Building Experiences

Creating space for employees to explore their creativity spurs new ideas and inspiration. 

Sharing experiences and challenges strengthens relationships and improves cross-team collaboration. 

Employees who feel appreciated and supported consistently perform better and achieve greater results.

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