Enjoy a cozy night in by making your own custom candles. Our soy candle making kit comes with everything you need to create not one, not two, but seven one-of-a-kind candles. It’s the perfect craft for an at-home spa night, intimate dinner, or gift for your loved ones. 

This workshop, led by husband-and-wife team Melissa and Chad Burgess of Craft + Foster, walks you through each step of building hand-poured soy candles. You’ll learn everything from choosing your vessel and wick size, to preparing and pouring your wax, all the way through to completing and curing your candle. If you’re interested in fragrance blending, you’ll learn expert tips on exploring scent combinations, too.

This workshop includes: 

  • Tools and materials to make at least seven hand-poured soy candles (with extra wicks, stickers, and fragrances for more candles)
  • A detailed, digital workshop by Melissa and Chad Burgess
  • A live and recorded Maker Chat Q&A for our community to join in creative conversation

The specialty tools and materials in our soy candle making kit include:

  • 1.5-pound capacity candle pouring pitcher
  • 3 pounds of soy wax
  • Thirty 6-inch pre-tabbed wicks in various thicknesses
  • 32 large wick stickers
  • 20 fragrance blotter strips
  • 1-ounce fragrance oils of sandalwood, vanilla, amber, and vetiver
  • 2-ounce fragrance oils of blue spruce, cyprus and bayberry, fireside, and leather and teak
  • 1 dropper
  • 10 wood clothespins
  • Two 6-ounce glass jars with gold metal lids
  • Two 9-ounce glass jars with gold metal lids
  • Three 4-ounce gold steel screw-top flat tins
  • Candy thermometer 
  • Ten 7.5-inch wood coffee stirrers
  • 16-ounce digital scale
  • Custom labels

Learn more about the details of this project on Craft + Foster’s Featured Maker Page.