Explore the art of printmaking as you create one-of-a-kind botanical prints with a gel plate and vivid inks. Join artist Michelle Whitehead as she demonstrates this fascinating craft, creating two prints from each leaf composition: a more saturated image and a second image using the residual ink. “Gel printing is a great way to explore the art of printmaking at home because, unlike many other printmaking methods, it doesn’t require the use of a large printing press,” says Michelle. Throughout the workshop, you’ll learn how to use a gel printing plate, inking brayer, and inking plate to make leaf prints with one or two ink colors.



In the workshop, you’ll learn every step of the process to create beautiful, unique gel prints using leaves. “Gel printing is a form of monoprinting, meaning that each individual print created is unique and can only be made once,” shares Michelle. Michelle begins with one color and then moves on to incorporating two ink colors for a different aesthetic. 


This soothing craft is a wonderful way to take some time for yourself as you reconnect with nature. “One of the things I love most about gel printing is that it really forces me to slow down and observe the beauty and artwork that’s in nature around us,” says Michelle. Collecting leaves from your own backyard is a great option, or you can grab something special from your local floral shop or grocery.


Your kit comes with tools and materials to create ten distinct prints. The gel plate has a sensitive surface that allows for imprinting of any texture that sits upon it, and the plate is reusable, durable, and easy to clean. You’ll use your inking brayer and inking plate to get an even coating of block printing ink that will be applied to the surface of your gel plate. The high-quality printmaking paper is an ideal surface for the block printing inks. In your kit, you’ll be receiving five sheets of the printmaking paper that will be cut in half, allowing for ten gel plate prints.


The Curated Kit of Tools & Materials

This workshop includes:

  • A detailed digital workshop led by Michelle Whitehead of Michelle Lynn Art
  • A live Maker Chat Q&A where you can join in on creative conversation with the artist and ask questions.
  • Tools & materials from artisan suppliers, curated for you by Michelle Whitehead
  • PDF download with written instructions to complement the video tutorial

The tools & materials included in your kit:

  • Gel printing plate, 3" x 5"
  • Rubber inking brayer, 2"
  • Inking plate
  • Block printing ink in your choice of two colors, 1.25oz each
  • Five sheets of printmaking paper, 8.5" x 11". Please note that you will be cutting the sheets in half, allowing for 10 gel plate prints
  • Five sheets of scrap paper, 8.5" x 11"

Materials to have at home: 

  • Leaves or botanicals
  • Wet wipes
  • Scissors
  • Paper towels
Gel Plate Printing Workshop with Michelle Whitehead

Customize Your Workshop

If you haven’t already, please choose your colorway for your Gel Plate Printing Workshop! If you haven’t chosen your preferred colors by March 15th, we will send you a beautiful color duo of our choice.

Choose: Turquoise and Copper

Choose: Pewter and Process Cyan

Choose: Violet and Process Magenta

Materials for More Exploration

MAKE MORE Gel Prints with
Turquoise & Copper Inks and Paper

Keep creating botanical gel plate monoprints with this bundle of Turquoise and Copper block printing inks plus ten sheets of additional, high-quality printmaking paper.

MAKE MORE Gel Prints with
Pewter & Cyan and Paper


Incorporate two new block printing ink colors into your gel plate projects. This bundle of inks in Pewter and Process Cyan also comes with an additional ten sheets of printmaking paper.

MAKE MORE Gel Prints with
Violet & Magenta and Paper


Make more gel plate prints with this duo of block printing inks in vibrant Violet and Process Magenta. You’ll also receive ten sheets of high-quality printmaking paper.

Large Gel Plate and
Printmaking Paper

Go BIG! Explore gel plate printing on a larger scale with this 8" x 10" gel plate and a pad of fifteen sheets of 11" x 14" printmaking paper.


More About our Artist: Michelle Whitehead

Michelle Whitehead is a Pennsylvania-based artist with a love for painting, printmaking, and the outdoors. Combining her passions, Michelle creates beautiful botanical monoprints through the use of a gel printing plate. 

“I often find myself in awe of the organic artwork that is all around us in nature. Whether it’s the perfectly splayed leaves on a tree branch or an intricate pattern of veins on a leaf, artwork can be found everywhere—if you just take the time to slow down and see it.”

With what started as a quick project to fill walls in her new home, Michelle found the process of foraging for leaves, arranging compositions, and pulling prints from the plate greatly satisfying and addictive. Soon, she began learning the possibilities of gel printing and experimenting with all that it offers.

We can’t wait to see how your botanical monoprints turn out. Share your creative journey and finished projects with us by tagging @thecraftersbox + @michelle.lynn.art in your social posts. Don’t forget to use #thecraftersbox so our community can also see your workshop come to life. Happy making!

Gel Plate Printing Workshop with Michelle Whitehead
Gel Plate Printing Workshop with Michelle Whitehead
Gel Plate Printing Workshop with Michelle Whitehead
Gel Plate Printing Workshop with Michelle Whitehead
Gel Plate Printing Workshop with Michelle Whitehead
Gel Plate Printing Workshop with Michelle Whitehead
Gel Plate Printing Workshop with Michelle Whitehead
Gel Plate Printing Workshop with Michelle Whitehead
Gel Plate Printing Workshop with Michelle Whitehead
Gel Plate Printing Workshop with Michelle Whitehead
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