Low Relief Layered Clay Carving | Melissa Tolar | The Crafter's Box


In this workshop, we are learning about low relief clay carving with ceramic artist Melissa Tolar. We are looking forward to exploring the wonderful medium of clay! Melissa is the co-founder of A Question of Eagles, a home goods based business with an emphasis on handmade, heirloom quality ceramics. Hand carving patterns into clay has become a defining feature of A Question of Eagles’s pottery, and in this workshop Melissa will be sharing techniques to recreate this process in your own home using polymer clay. Once you have the technique mastered, there are so many different pieces you can make to decorate your home - from wall hangings, to jewelry dishes to napkin rings!


Together with her husband Jonathan, Melissa designs and creates one-of-a-kind mugs, planters, vases and bowls from her warehouse studio in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles. Melissa’s background in art and design informs the distinctive look of her ceramics, and her unique approach is inspired by the landscape and lifestyle of Southern California, studio pottery of the 60’s and 70’s and natural forms. The decorative palette focuses on toasted whites, exposed clay and hand carving which echos the desert and mountains of the West. Melissa loves to bring in the wabi-sabi elements of the hand, so that each piece, although part of a group, has a lovely unique identity of it’s own. Melissa’s use of layered and exposed clay combined with her geometric and freehand carving techniques allows for a great deal of creativity and diversity in a finished project for the home.

Melissa Tolar's
Podcast Interview

Low Relief Layered Clay Carving | Melissa Tolar | The Crafter's Box
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