Fluid Alcohol Ink Art | Ashley Mahlberg


In this workshop, artist Ashley Mahlberg shares with us how to build abstract, organic art using ink + alcohol. When applied to the cradle board with air or heat, the ink dances across the surface creating beautiful movement. When colors are blended together, the result is playful yet sophisticated as the inks bump up against and spread into one another. 

Fluid art is known for its vibrant and bold colors, Ashley shares how to apply these brightly hued inks and also how to tame their final look with shading, contrast and motion.

A key component of this workshop is the richly pigmented alcohol inks that are applied using drops and sprays of additional isopropyl alcohol. A heat gun helps to quickly move the pigment around the surface and a paintbrush allows for more expertly placed dots and shading. By choosing gesso ‘blocks’, this diptych becomes free standing art built as a pair or set for the home. Beautiful on a shelf, mantle or table, its free standing nature means you can move them around as art objects or hang on a wall. They’re beautiful in a collage!

Ashley is an abstract artist and graphic designer residing in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, son and two pups. Passionate about sharing her love of the Washington coast, her paintings mimic organic forms, flow and dynamic color palettes found in her everyday surroundings.

This workshop includes:
  • a detailed, digital workshop by Ashley Mahlberg

The tools & materials included in this kit:

  • two gessoed cradle boards with wood paneling to create a diptych set
  • two richly pigmented alcohol inks in lake blue and cobalt green
  • a metallic gold mixative
  • a heat gun
  • isopropyl alcohol ink in a spray bottle
  • a palette + stippling paintbrush + pipette
  • painter’s tape to edge your gesso board
  • Yupo paper for practicing
  • rubber gloves for safety

We can’t wait to see how you are inspired to explore using this new technique! Be sure to share with us your process and your projects by tagging Ashley at @inkreel, @thecraftersbox and using #thecraftersbox, we’d love to see your work. Happy making.

Ashley Mahlberg's
Podcast Interview

Fluid Alcohol Ink Art | Ashley Mahlberg
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