Learn the art of Strohsterne to create straw stars using natural wheat stalks and cotton thread. In her workshop, Lindsey Campbell teaches us how to make six different star patterns in varying sizes, shapes, and techniques. These dainty celestial projects are often used in Germany, Sweden, and other Scandinavian countries. In traditional stories, the straw stars are connected to the star of Bethlehem, shining in the night during Christ’s birth. Additionally, straw was readily available and affordable for people, making Strohsterne ornaments a deeply important part of German and other northern European Christmas traditions.

In the workshop, we start with an overview of the tools and materials in your kit, including delicate star patterns, thread in various colors, dressmaker pins, round cork forms, and plenty of straw. The process of creating these intricate patterns begins with a special preparation of the wheat stalks to ensure they’re pliable enough to bend and shape while you work. 

These elegant stars make a perfect gift for the holidays, or accent for your own home. Lindsey suggests using your Strohsterne ornaments as present toppers, hanging together for garland, or simple, beautiful tree décor. 

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This workshop includes: