Create handmade floral resin coasters and trays that are both elegant and functional. Join Christie Lothrop, the artist and green thumb behind MadPotters, as she shares her honed techniques for mixing and pouring epoxy resin into silicone molds while creating depth with layers of botanicals. To further customize your DIY resin trays and coasters, Christie shows us how to add metallic flakes, alcohol inks, and mica powder into the mold.

As Christie walks us through each step of the process, we learn how to make resin coasters with flowers by measuring, mixing, and pouring resin into the silicone molds. Using several different layers of resin, florals, leaves, and extra decorative elements, Christie shows us how to design a finished piece with depth and dimension. Along the way, we learn tips and tricks for eliminating air bubbles, incorporating botanicals, troubleshooting, curing, and unmolding.