Speed up your tapestry weaving with our maple heddle bars. Sturdy and custom-made for The Crafter’s Box, pair these with our handcrafted maple looms to separate your warp threads and make creating your design oh-so-easy.  Here’s how a heddle bar works. The heddle bar’s grooves separate every other thread, creating a gap (or “shed”) in your warp. This eliminates the over-under weaving motion—simply run your weft row through this opening and turn the heddle bar. When turned, all warp threads that were at the bottom a second ago will be lifted, and all the ones that were lifted before will go to the bottom. Place another weft row, turn, and repeat until your design is finished. Our heddle bars are available in four sizes and pair perfectly with our handcrafted looms. Each 36″ and 48″ heddle bar comes with two wooden mounts and hardware to attach to our standing looms.