Learn specialized appliqué techniques in our workshop exploring the art of hand-stitching from expert sewist Natalie Chanin, the designer and instructor behind Alabama Chanin and The School of Making. Founded as a preservation of the living art of textile making, The School of Making utilizes 100% organic materials—their focus is on the intersection of fashion, craft, and DIY.  In this workshop, Natalie shares her signature methods for both reverse appliqué and negative reverse appliqué to create a hand-stenciled Alabama Chanin design that highlights the two-layer nature of appliqué stitching. The Curated Kit of Tools & Materials This workshop includes:

  • A detailed digital workshop led by Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin
  • A live Maker Chat Q&A for our community to join in on a creative conversation with the artist
  • Tools & materials from artisan suppliers, curated for you by Natalie

The tools & materials included in our kit:

  • 10" x 16" swatch kit:
    • One stenciled 10" x 16"swatch
    • One basic 10" x 16" swatch
    • One “School of Making” label
    • One spool of button craft thread
    • One #9 sewing needle
  • Stork embroidery scissors
  • Ten white glass head pins
  • White measuring tape

We look forward to sharing this fulfilling and joyful experience with you and cannot wait to see how your hand-stitched appliqué  turns out. Be sure to share your creative journey and finished creation with us by tagging @thecraftersbox + @theschoolofmaking  in your social posts, and use #thecraftersbox so our community can also see your workshop come to life! Happy making.