In this workshop, we are exploring delicate, hand crafted paper flowers with artist Margie Keates of The Lovely Ave. Margie is sharing two signature designs: her oversized, structurally lovely & bold peony and her organic, naturally wild Icelandic poppy. For this workshop, Margie has designed an arrangement with six large flowers to craft & explore. In our video tutorial next month, Margie will teach how to carefully create each flower using the tools & materials (including an Italian-made crepe paper, very pretty rose gold shears, a glue gun and wire cutters) that she's curated for this arrangement.


Margie began making paper flowers for her own wedding in 2013. After two years of side projects and basically spending every available moment perfecting the craft, her company The Lovely Ave opened its online doors in 2015. Around the same time, Margie moved full time into paper flower crafting and has spent every day since growing as a paper florist, a creative entrepreneur, and as a person. She shares with us that every day is a new challenge, but it’s all worth it because her business is about creating beauty and happiness! The goal is to bring everlasting brightness and love into this world, one paper flower at a time. Margie shares that she tries to live by this wisdom: “I will hold myself to a standard of GRACE, not perfection.” So lovely.

We look forward to seeing what beautiful florals you create and hope that they bring joy to your home or to someone special as a gift for years to come. We invite you to try the flowers taught in this workshop and then to experiment with what inspires you in your own yard or local farmer’s market. The paper sourced for this project is so lovely to work with! The tools can be used to create again and again and again.

We invite you to follow along with Margie on Instagram to see more of her beautiful work right here. Happy creative making!

Margie Keates'
Podcast Interview

Paper Florals | Margie Keates | The Crafter's Box
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