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In this workshop, artist Mandi Smethells introduces us to her sculptural fiber art by sharing how to build a wrapped rainbow in her iconic style. Working with specialized tools (such as an arched upholstery needle) and materials she’s curated over time, Mandi offers a glimpse into her passion and work to create colorful, playful, beautiful wall art.

From an extraordinarily soft cotton rope to a wool blend yarn - in a rich, organic color palette - Mandi’s workshop kit has been thoughtfully built as an introduction to a sculptural fiber art making journey. Utilizing a wrapping technique that helps to build upon the 3D elements of her work, Mandi has developed unique techniques that come from years of weaving experience. We feel honored to be let in on her secret - and to share such a beautiful craft with you.

Mandi is a fiber artist from St. Paul, Minnesota. She uses yarn, rope and other materials to create unique works of art inspired by her role as a mother and her passionate love of nature. Often whimsical, colorful and cheerful, her works are chosen to bring joy to spaces occupied by children and adults alike. With a background in printmaking and a degree in fine arts, Mandi has been practicing creativity in many different forms for as long as she can remember.

The yarns offered in this kit introduce a brand new The Crafter’s Box wool blend yarn collaboration that we’re incredibly proud of. Using colors inspired by nature and materials such as wool, alpaca and acrylic (which provides strength) - this yarn is specially made in an Italian mill from colors curated by Mandi. Our hope is that our wool blend yarn will inspire future fiber making of all kinds.

This workshop includes:
  • a detailed, digital workshop by Mandi Smethells

The tools & materials included in this kit:

  • six custom wool blend yarns exclusive to The Crafter's Box in an organic palette curated by Mandi
  • 100% cotton rope
  • thick circular wire
  • a u-shaped tapestry needle
  • strong warp string
  • masking tape

We can’t wait to see how you are inspired to explore using this technique! Be sure to share with us your process and your project by tagging Mandi at @mandismoothhills, @thecraftersbox and using #thecraftersbox, we’d love to see your work. Happy making.

Mandi Smethells'
Podcast Interview

Wrapped Fiber Rainbow | Mandi Smethells | The Crafter's Box
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