November 2016 | Scandinavian-Inspired Raw Wooden Beads | Lynn Muir


In this workshop we are getting creative with natural, raw wooden beads for all sorts of making. We've created a kit with over 1000 wooden beads ranging from tiny jewelry-sized beads to doorknob-sized chunky beads for lots of exploring. Our kit includes several stringing options (from cotton string to leather cording) and customized larger wooden beads to fit candles for more unique making.

Lynn Muir is sharing with us a variety of Scandinavian-inspired designs that make simple, beautiful additions to the home year round: garland, tablescapes, candleholders, trivets, wreathes, ornaments, napkin rings, wall hangings... so many ideas to explore.

We are excited to collaborate again with our husband & wife carpentry team to customize the larger beads in this kit as well as for our add-on kit.

Lynn Muir has spent her entire life around wood and carpentry. She's well known for creating unique wooden pieces of art and is a crafter and entrepreneur at heart. Originally from Seattle, she now lives in Lindon, Utah with her husband and their 3 children. Lynn and her husband have been entrepreneurs for the last 11 years, currently owning and operating 4 small businesses.  She thrives off of the creativity and adventure that being self employed brings. Lynn blogs at

One of Lynn’s favorite things is to teach evening craft classes to women and host summer craft camps for kids. Her passion is to help people try new mediums in the arts and crafts world. Her favorite motto is “Get Crafty with your bad self!” and she truly believes anyone can and should be creative with their own two hands.

Follow Lynn on Instagram to see more of her work and to learn about Lynn as a maker!

Lynn Muir's
Podcast Interview

November 2016 | Scandinavian-Inspired Raw Wooden Beads | Lynn Muir
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