Naturally Dyed Hanging | Rebekka Seale & Lisa Garcia


This workshop gives the opportunity to learn how to naturally dye fiber and then transform that fiber into a beautiful piece of art for the wall. Rebekka of Camellia Fiber Company walks us through how to properly dye a raw wool yarn skein using roots, nuts, dried flowers and other natural materials and then Lisa Garcia of Soñadora Studio will show us how to create a beautiful, structural wall hanging with the finished product. In this workshop we are working with madder root but this particular technique is so wonderful for so many applications! We are excited to get you started.

Rebekka and Lisa co-own the shop and studio space Earthen Studios in Nashville, Tennessee in the Buchanan Arts District. They are close friends and work together to create inspiring works of art.

Rebekka Seale is an artist, fiber enthusiast and the Founder of Camellia Fiber Company. She specializes in luxurious natural fibers, hand spinning and natural dying. She is forever inspired by her hometown on the Gulf of Mexico; of the whitewashed colors and textures of sand and sea. When she isn't slinging yarn, she is knitting, painting or riding her bike around Nashville.

Lisa Garcia is an interior and home goods designer. Her work is inspired by the historical context of material culture, the artist's need for visual communication, and sustainable and natural materials. Her product line, Soñadora, is intended to suit the artist's lifestyle with pieces that range from artwork to furniture. In addition to art and design, she is a frontwoman in a band and enjoys gathering inspiration through music and other mediums.

Find more about Earthen Studios here, Soñadora here and Camellia Fiber Company here.

Lisa Garcia & Rebekka Seale's
Podcast Interview

Naturally Dyed Hanging | Rebekka Seale & Lisa Garcia
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