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Welcome to our exploration of lunar artwork with maker Katelyn Morse. Katelyn is an artist based in the rolling hills and forests of Nova Scotia, Canada and joins us to bring a thoughtful exploration of the intuitive process of creativity. Katelyn describes this workshop as ‘Intuitive Phases of the Moon’ because she shares with us that what is MOST important in choosing colors, placement of colors, layout, design and overall aesthetic is to rely on our intuition. Our creativity does its best work when it functions intuitively and this is the basis of all of her beautiful work. Our intuition can spark and guide our creativity if we let it!

Katelyn demonstrates intuition-based painting with the wonderful subject of the moon for this workshop. We explore painting moon phases in a variety of color ways and styles, Katelyn blends watercolor and acrylics to achieve the ethereal style she's most known for and shares her application techniques in detail in this workshop. We're very excited to have designed a custom wood frame just for this project and to have partnered with a wood working craftsman to hand make every frame that's delivered with this kit.

Katelyn shares with us that she is inspired by all things raw, earthy and organic in nature. Her paintings are a reflection of the wanderlust inside of her as well as a deep appreciation for just how magical, intricate and beautiful this world truly is. Her aesthetic aim is ethereal, airy and calming. She shares with us that through her artwork she desires to inspire individuals to explore more, appreciate more, and be thankful for all the gorgeous treasures we are freely given on this earth.

We can’t wait to see how you are inspired to explore your own creativity!

Katelyn Morse's
Podcast Interview

Moon Phases | Katelyn Morse | The Crafter's Box
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