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Colorful Hand-Poured Cement | Christie Lothrop | The Crafter's Box

Crafter is Building Space to Support, Educate & Create Community Around Handmade.

We’re weaving the next chapter of arts & crafts, and we want to share it with you. We've built the parent brand Crafter ( to house our The Crafter's Box subscription, our eCommerce site of curated kits, tools & materials, and our future plans to grow into a true hub for makers. 

For a limited time, we’re opening up our home and invite you to invest in our business through a Regulation A+ public offering.

Invest in Crafter today, and we can shape the future together.


Get in on the Ground Floor.

We're looking to bring you, our customers, into the business as investors and brand advocates to share our success. It's an exciting time in our industry and our business. Join us as an investor and help shape the future of sustainable luxury retail, together.

With an education-first approach, we are focused on simplifying the online crafting learning & shopping experience so that modern makers who value convenience, quality, curation & community have found a home.

Tablet Weaving | Lindsey Campbell | The Crafter's Box
Painting the Sky | Stefanie Bales | Crafter's Box

Challenges in the Arts & Crafts Industry Today.

The arts & crafts hobby industry is made up of over 180M crafters and is valued at over $44B, that's roughly the same size as the US sports franchise industry (it's true). Challenges that exist include crowded retail stores, lack of educational opportunities to learn new art mediums, and little to no convenience in the task of sourcing. The fastest growing crafting audience is Gen Z, this industry is getting bigger every year.

  • 78% of crafters say it’s difficult to find clear instructions & identify the right tools and materials necessary to complete a creative project
  • 51% of crafters say one of the biggest challenges is purchasing and sourcing necessary tools and materials to get started.
  • 75% want a consistent creative outlet
  • 79% desire watching expert videos that show the completion of a project from start to finish

We're Changing the Way Makers Create.

What is Crafter? We are bringing the antiquated arts & crafts industry online. Companies that focus on their positive social impact in the online communities they serve—while also driving financial performance—are precisely what smart investing looks like. The next generation of makers is focused on a wider opportunity in the crafting space and we're here to deliver.

We support artists full circle. From offering an online platform to lead with teaching to partnering with small businesses to custom make the unique tools & materials we sell, we are working to drive the evolution of arts & crafts into a healthier, more sustainable and supportive model.

Wood Carving | Motoko Smith | The Crafter's Box
Fundraising | Invest Crafter Stats
rigid heddle 2.0 weaving with Rachel Snack
Rigid Heddle Weaving 2.0 | Rachel Snack | Crafter


Would you to learn more about investing in Crafter?
We'll share our timeline, progress and how you can participate by joining us.

Frame Weaving | Lindsey Campbell | The Crafter's Box
Fundraising | We Are
Fundraising | Invest Craft & Cocktails Group Crafting
Fundraising | Invest Weaver - Mediums
Fundraising | Unique Materials & Tools
Fundraising | Unique Materials & Tools
Hand-Sewn Patchwork | The Crafter's Box
Circular Weaving with Wool Roving | Jacqueline Do | The Crafter's Box
Wood Carving | Motoko Smith | The Crafter's Box
Granny Squares Crochet Blanket - Toni Lipsey
Leather Craftsmanship Workshop | Tyler Axtell, Bradley Mountain | The Crafter's Box
Founder, Morgan Spenla

Founder Spotlight: Morgan Spenla

In 2016, after realizing how difficult it was to pursue my creative passions and learn new crafts, especially those that utilized unique, artisan-made materials, I set out to start a company that focused its efforts on solving this problem.

My goal was to change the antiquated way we learn how to craft, make, and build with our hands, and ultimately The Crafter’s Box was born. I made it a point (and our mission) to support other small businesses and to partner with talented artists to bring back the adventure and joy of block printing, natural dyeing, weaving, jewelry making, woodworking, and so many other amazing crafts in an effective learning environment.

What started as a monthly craft subscription box has evolved into a more in-depth, creative offering. We recently built Crafter ( to house our eCommerce site of curated kits, tools & materials, our craft box subscription (The Crafter’s Box), and our community hub for makers (The Crafter’s Community) and are excited to continue to watch it grow and evolve in the crafting space.

I am excited to invite you to invest in our growing company, and to join us as change makers in the arts & crafts space.


Would you to learn more about investing in Crafter?
We'll share our timeline, progress and how you can participate by joining us.

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