Holiday Gift Guide

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Gift Our Signature Crafting Workshops

includes a bonus workshop!

Holiday Gifting 2023 | Crafter
Holiday Gifting 2023 | Crafter

Gift a 3 Month Workshop Experience

Gift three months of making alongside our expert artisan instructors with our pre-bundled workshops.
Each kit offers a detailed, digital tutorial paired with a curated kit of tools & materials.

Peg Loom Weaving Workshop with Lindsey Campbell

Featured Workshop

Follow our featured workshop cadence and gift one kit each month. Start with December's Peg Loom Weaving Workshop, followed by our January and February featured workshops.

Knitted Floor Pouf | Alison Abbey | The Crafter's Box

Fiber Love

Gift three of our most popular fiber workshops exploring wool three ways.

September 2016 - Dani Ives, Wool Felting

Mixed Media

From paper to fiber, we’re exploring a variety of mediums led by expert artisans.

The Holiday Gift Guide | The Crafter's Box

Surprise Me!

Let us guide three wonderful months of making. We’ll send a variety of our favorite artisan workshops to explore.

Current Deals

save time by making in large batches
and give to all your friends & family

Projects That Make Multiples

Holiday Gifting 2023 | Crafter

makes 7 candles

Holiday Gifting 2023 | Crafter

makes ~20 bars

Holiday Gifting 2023 | Crafter

makes 4 books

Broom Making: Naked Turkey Wing | Alyssa Blackwell | The Crafter's Box

makes 3 brooms

Holiday Gifting 2023 | Crafter

makes 3 baskets

Holiday Gifting 2023 | Crafter

makes 20+ items

Holiday Gifting 2023 | Crafter

Rolled Beeswax

makes 6-12 candles

Holiday Gifting 2023 | Crafter

Paper Star

makes 3 lanterns

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Seasonal Projects to Make or Give

Holiday Gifting 2023 | Crafter


Holiday Gifting 2023 | Crafter

Cozy Knit

Holiday Gifting 2023 | Crafter


Holiday Gifting 2023 | Crafter

Cozy Knit
Cabled Socks

Holiday Gifting 2023 | Crafter

Chunky Wool
Arm Knitting

Holiday Gifting 2023 | Crafter

Cashmere Beanie
& Mittens

Celebrate the Season

workshops & projects with holiday
decorating and gifting in mind

Giftable Workshops by Category

Handmade Holiday

personalize the holidays
with handcrafted details

DIY Ornaments

Gift Wrapping Embellishments

Holiday Gifting 2023 | Crafter


Holiday Gifting 2023 | Crafter

Handmade Paper
Gift Tags

Holiday Gifting 2023 | Crafter

Mini 3D
Paper Stars

Unique Gifts for Kids

exclusive craft projects for kids

Looking for something new and unique for the kids in your life? You're in the perfect place. Our thoughtfully designed kids workshops are tailored for children ages 12 and up. When you give the gift of creativity, you're helping kids learn, grow, explore, express, and, most importantly, create something beautiful with their hands.

Our workshops offer a wonderful opportunity for parents and grandparents to encourage their kids' artistic talents and watch them flourish in an engaging and supportive at-home environment.

Holiday Gifting 2023 | Crafter

Gift Cards

for whatever they want

Can't decide on the perfect gift? Let your recipient pick out something themselves with a Crafter gift card... great for crafty adults and kids alike. Whether they're seeking to expand their artistic horizons or diving into new DIY projects, a Crafter gift card opens the door to a world of creative possibilities tailed to their individual tastes.

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