In this workshop, we are diving more into printmaking to learn about a unique technique that allows for over-sized pattern design on a favorite medium - fabric! We've designed large, soft, take-anywhere, drape-anywhere blankets (sewn locally in Southern California) in a wonderfully high quality, 100% linen from Los Angeles based fabric designer Robert Kaufman. Each linen blanket offers natural flax coloring as a beautiful base for lots of pattern play. We're sending along all of the stenciling tools needed to create as well as pots of blue and black ink to design your own large scale print.

These blankets are perfect for picnicking, beach outings, backyard book reading, sofa snuggling, slinging over a favorite chair or draping as a bed scarf. There's a reason breathable, soft linen bedding is so well loved and we're bringing it to our workshop in a really lovely way!

Erin is an artist and textile designer who creates beautiful patterned home goods from her San Diego studio. She joined us first in April of last year to teach an in-depth workshop on block printing and hand carving to create a custom table runner. We're so excited to welcome her back to teach her printmaking technique! Since 2012 Erin has been designing modern home goods for her company, Cotton & Flax, which unites fine art aesthetics with high-quality, natural materials.

Erin’s background as a printmaker informs her work for Cotton & Flax and her striking hand drawn patterns set her textiles apart as a blending of fine art and fine craft. She draws on her knowledge of printmaking for inspiration and to create richly patterned textiles that add modern style to any space. Cotton & Flax began as an offshoot of her fine art practice as Erin approached the task of creating utilitarian goods that reflected her background as an artist, and she continues to create work for Cotton & Flax with the mindset of an artist.

We are excited to bring a form of printmaking to makers that allows for both small and over-sized custom textile art. Stenciling is one of the oldest and richest forms of printmaking and is still widely practiced throughout the world. From hand stencils created in caves over 35,000 years ago to contemporary street art made with stencils and spray paint, stenciling has a diverse history that artists continue to draw from today. Stenciling is a great way to create one-of-a-kind designs and is perfect for creating custom decor for your home.

Erin joins us to share her knowledge of printmaking, and more specifically stenciling, and to guide other makers as they discover this diverse art form. Join her in the studio for an introduction to the art of stenciling and create your own beautifully patterned blanket.

Follow along with over on Instagram through Erin's Cotton & Flax account and be sure to see all of the project photos we're releasing over at The Crafter's Box as well. Happy creating!

Erin Dollar's
Podcast Interview

Large Scale Stenciling | Erin Dollar | The Crafter's Box
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