Long-Handle Brooms Premium Workshop



To create a handmade broom is to craft a connection between yourself and your surroundings, infusing the everyday process of tidying with a feeling of joy and a sense of being grounded. Create two full-size long-handle brooms with accomplished broomsquire Alyssa Blackwell, the owner and maker of Hearth Craft Blooms, as you learn her specialized techniques for stitching, weaving, and working with broomcorn.

Alyssa has curated a kit with everything needed to create two long-handle brooms using the best tools and materials for the craft, including a handmade stitching clamp created specifically for this workshop. The adjustable clamp works as a guide during stitching and trimming the bristle. Because of its tackier surface, the tarred twine is ideal for securing the inner bristle, while the colored nylon cording twine allows for decorative stitching and weaving. A wood handle broad knife is the perfect tool for trimming and beveling your broomcorn ends.

Long-Handled Brooms

Alyssa’s years of experimentation in broom-making have contributed to the unique techniques she shares with us in her workshops. She blends skills passed down to her from other makers with tips and tricks she’s discovered along the way. Working with natural shapes, textures, and colors is a soothing and restorative process. Join in and learn to embrace this century’s old art form while adding your own modern twist to the design.

Alyssa Blackwell - Long Handle Broom Maker

You’ll begin the workshop by learning how to prepare and soak your broomcorn before adding sections to the broom handle. Alyssa shares her tips for keeping the bristle even while shaping and securing it in place with cording. Once the bristle has been attached and allowed to dry, Alyssa teaches how to stitch and trim the broomcorn. Add a woven cap for an intricate decorative detail, or leave the cap plain for a minimal look on your finished broom.

Long-Handle Brooms Premium Workshop

The Curated Kit of Tools & Materials

This workshop includes:

  • A detailed digital workshop led by Alyssa Blackwell of Hearth Craft Brooms
  • A live Maker Chat Q&A where you can join in on creative conversation with the artist and ask questions.
  • Tools & materials from artisan suppliers, curated for you by Alyssa Blackwell
  • PDF download with written instructions to complement the video tutorial

Tools & materials included in your kit:

  • Two bundles of broomcorn*, 1.3lb each
  • Stitching clamp (all-inclusive), 1" x 1" x 18"
  • Two large wooden handles
  • 20 broomcorn stalks
  • Wood handle broad knife
  • Wooden dowel (used as a foot brake)
  • Tarred nylon twine in black, 30yd
  • Broom cording twine in the following colors, 30yd each:
    • Blonde
    • Rose
    • Plum
  • Stainless steel scissors
  • Rubber band
  • Two large-eye upholstery needles

Materials to have at home:

  • Lighter
  • Towel to protect your lap
  • A bowl or jar to soak the broomcorn stalks
  • Optional: gardening glove to protect your hands while weaving
  • Sharpie

*Due to shipping restrictions of this type of natural material, we are unable to ship this workshop and broomcorn to Australia and New Zealand at this time.

Long Handle Broom Making tools and materials

Materials for More Exploration

Long Handle Broom Making tools and materials

Build Your Own Broom

Customize your own hand-held or full-size unique broom design, choosing the color of broomcorn and cording, and whether you’d like to create an optional woven cap or handle for the broom.


2.5 Pounds of Broomcorn

Keep crafting with this bundle of additional broomcorn, available in natural, black, or hand-dyed rainbow colors.


Broom Making Cording Bundle

Experiment with new colors in your handmade brooms using cording twine in your choice of four luscious colorways: Ocean, Harvest, Sunset, or Orchid.

broomcorn stalks for Long-Handle Brooms Premium Workshop

Broomcorn Stalks

Enhance your handmade broom designs with a decorative woven design on the sweeper. The broomcorn stalks create an intricate addition to many styles of brooms. Includes 20 stalks.

Long-Handle Brooms Premium Workshop

Broom Handle

Create more long-handled brooms with this 42" broom handle.

Black tarred twine for broom making

Black Twine

This tarred nylon twine has a tackier surface than regular nylon, making it an ideal choice for securing the inner bristle on long-handle brooms.

Long-Handle Brooms Premium Workshop

More About our Artist: Alyssa Blackwell

Alyssa Blackwell is the owner and maker of Hearth Craft Brooms. Using traditional methods developed over two centuries ago, Alyssa combines broomcorn, twine, and basic tools to make brooms by hand. She loves to create both traditional and unique, original designs and push the boundaries of what people think a broom should look like or how it should be used. 

When she’s not in the broom shop or teaching workshops, you’ll find Alyssa hanging out with her two little boys, walking in the forest with her three dogs, or at home cleaning up with joy.

We can’t wait to see how your long-handle brooms turn out. Share your creative journey and finished creation with us by tagging @thecraftersbox + @HearthCraftBrooms in your social posts. Don’t forget to use #thecraftersbox so our community can also see your workshop come to life. Happy making!

Long-Handle Brooms Premium Workshop
Long-Handle Brooms Premium Workshop
Long-Handle Brooms Premium Workshop
Long-Handle Brooms Premium Workshop
Long-Handle Brooms Premium Workshop
Long-Handle Brooms Premium Workshop
Long-Handle Brooms Premium Workshop
Long-Handle Brooms Premium Workshop
Long-Handle Brooms Premium Workshop
Long-Handle Brooms Premium Workshop
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