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In this workshop, knitter Alison Abbey shares with us a detailed tutorial on how to knit a chunky floor pouf for the home. We’re introducing knitting by starting from the beginning - but the unique spin that this workshop brings is the application of two extra large straight needles and how to work with them to build home goods. We can't wait to see what you create! And to add these new wonderful tools to your crafting toolbox.

This workshop can be explored in so many ways... experiment with color variation or size of yarn, try Alison’s pattern with a smaller or larger set of knitting needles for a new look. Adjust the pattern to a small round pillow for your sofa and cinch in the very center to create a flat cushion - try out an extra large pouf for lounging in a playroom. Experiment with materials - rope, which is challenging but extra satisfying to complete - produces a sturdier pouf with a unique look.

Alison is the artist behind La Reserve Design, a cozy knitwear shop for modern, everyday knitting projects. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Alison was taught to knit by her grandmothers at a young age. Since then she has been working on her craft, eventually leaving her job in the corporate textile industry to pursue her shop as a full time maker. Alison’s designs are driven by the ideas of comfort, ease, relaxation and warmth. Her background in textile design pushes her to combine different fibers together, playing with texture and dimension in every garment she makes. She shares with us that knitted homewares make her especially excited to pick up her needles as she believes a happy home is handmade, and having handmade items displayed in your home is an instant conversation starter. 

This workshop includes:
  • a detailed, digital workshop on how to build custom knit floor poufs with Alison Abbey

The tools & materials included in this kit:

  • handmade extra large wooden size US19 (15mm) straight needles
  • three skeins of chunky ecru yarn
  • a tapestry needle
  • a custom stitch pattern by Alison

We can’t wait to see how you are inspired to explore your own creativity using this new technique! Be sure to share with us your process and your projects using #thecraftersbox, we’d love to see your work. Happy making.

Alison Abbey's
Podcast Interview

Knitted Floor Pouf | Alison Abbey | The Crafter's Box
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